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If you’re tired of Shaving and don’t like the pull of waxing, Laser Hair Removal is the right treatment for you. Kings Medical Center uses the world’s largest, cost-effective, and most convenient laser hair removal treatment to get rid of that unwanted hair from your body. We use technology to destroy hair follicles without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. We have a dedicated team of laser technicians that tailor with your requirement and provide a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your every hair removal needs.

What is Laser Hair Removal ?

Body hair is a bit troublesome for some people, not all of us like it. Women tend to remove unwanted hair on their bodies with constant struggle. Traditional methods such as shaving, waxing, or tweezing provide temporary results. It’s only a matter of time before all the hair grows back again, making it a bit more painful the next time. Above all, it leaves scratches on your skin too. There’s a higher risk that you will get cuts and bruises on your body.

Laser Hair Removal is the ultimate solution for your hair removal need. It provides a safe, secure, effective, and above all painless treatment. On the bright side, it covers every part of your body, even the most distant location.

You will not receive any kind of pain during the procedure and on the plus side, 85%-99% of your unwanted body hair will be removed. The laser technology emits special light that targets the roots of your body hair. It generates heat that travels through the hair shaft and cover follicle under the skin. This method permanently removes the ability to regrow in the selected area, leaving a silky and smooth skin.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • Silky smooth and hair-free all year round
  • No downtime, instant results
  • Incredibly safe and pain-free, unlike waxing!
  • 99% permanent hair reduction
  • Certified and experienced staff
  • Medical grade laser technology for both light and dark skin tone
  • Cost-effective and efficient treatment
Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Why Hair Removal Treatment?

  • It is safe, especially for private areas
  • It’s effective and targets only hair follicles
  • Our technology is approved for Laser treatment
  • The long-lasting result, lesser treatments
  • All skin types and hair color
  • Suitable for both men and women of all ages

Best Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Considering laser hair removal while living in Dubai? Here are our treatments that we offer!


Half and full Leg


Cheeks of the bottom

Full face

Cheeks, chin, and upper lip


In between and tailored shaping of brows


Spot treatment of chin and jawline


Tops and inside of ears


Top of feet and toes


Base of the neck, nape of neck and hairline


Spot treatment of chin and jawline


Full and half chest


Full and half back


Half and full arm including underarms

The Benefits of Having Hair Removal in Dubai

Lasers are very useful for removing unwanted hair from different parts of your body including private areas. Some of the benefits include;

Predictability: We always share detail knowledge of the process with our clients and brief them about what happens next.

Virtually painless: The process is virtually painless and doesn’t involve the risk of side effects.

Precision: With precise technology, our hair removal treatment can precisely target coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

Quality: We never compromise on quality. A concentrated beam of light is aimed at your hair, which ultimately damages the hair follicle to prevent further hair growth.

Low Heat Levels: By utilizing low heat levels, the laser diode decreases which results in maximum effectiveness and ultimate results.

Drawbacks of laser hair removal in Dubai

There is no official documentation of devastating illness or cancer symptoms, however, there can be some side-effects based on some individuals.

  • Skin burns
  • Scabbing
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Pain, numbness, and tingling
  • hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

We use the most effective and advanced laser hair removal technology in Dubai. The system patented technology safely heats the targeted area. After this, specialized pulses of energy gradually heat the specified area in the upper layer of the skin. A special cooling element is used on the surface of your skin for comfort.

Goodbye to Hairy Issues!

The laser hair removal process is suitable for all kinds of skin and color hair. Say goodbye to your hairy issues from now on.

Laser Hair Removal After Care

  First 2 hours Apply a cool pack of ice for 10-15 minutes as soon as you reach home. The first phase normally includes reddish and a little warm in the treatment area. This will ease the warm and accelerate recovery time. Your doctor may also recommend you to use a recovery gel in-case if your skin is a little sensitive.
  First 48 hours Avoid taking any hot or lukewarm baths. Use tap-water or a little cold water. Avoid using soaps, lotions, and exfoliating creams when you’re taking bath. Don’t scrub your body too much as it will make your skin red.
  After 7 days Use SPF 30+ sunscreen on your treatment body area every day and try to protect it from direct sunlight.
  Next 1-4 weeks At this time, the deeper follicles from the treatment area will start to clear off. Exfoliating the treated area with glove or loofa will assist in the natural hair process.
  Next 1-6 months  Some residents “rest phase” hair might grow in the next few days. Schedule your follow up treatment with the surgeon.

Laser Hair Removal FAQS

Can hair grow back after laser hair removal?

Yes, the hair will grow after the removal process but the growth process will be lower than before.

How much does it cost for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal cost depends on your hair thickness, body part, and skin type. Contact us for a complete price structure.

How painful is laser hair removal treatment?

The treatment is secure and hassle-free. You will not feel any kind of pain.

How many sessions are required for laser hair treatment?

For optimal results, we recommend you to try 6 treatments varying between 7 to 10 weeks. If
you’re living in Dubai, then book your schedule.

How safe is laser hair removal?

There is no official documentation of after-effects or cases of cancer with the treatment. However, some common albeit rare of laser hair removal are Skin burns, itching, redness, and scabbing.

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  • KMC offers skilled and certified specialist who are whole-heartedly committed in helping patients
  • We provide and generate high-end medical technology and building quality health care services


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